the pleasure of authentic flavors

The pleasure of authentic flavors

The Wolfisberg bakery: A family tradition for more than 50 years (Carouge, Geneva and Rolle)

A family business, 50 years of experience!

High-quality bakery products

High-quality bakery products
We offer a variety of breads, sweet pastries and other cereal-based delicacies

Artisan pastry products

True artisans at heart, we put all our passion and expertise into exciting your taste buds and create a wide variety of desserts, cakes and macaroons

Today's special  

Monday, 16 April

Agnolottis with wild garlic and Neapolitan cream,
accompanied by its bouquet of arugula

Tuesday, 17 April

Country salad with croûtons, boiled egg, bacon & gruyère,
of Swiss origin

Wednesday, 18 April

Tomme Vaudoise puff pastry,
assembles with its fresh saladine

Thursday, 19 April

Swiss chicken skewer with lemon & basil,
coupled with a tabbouleh of wheat with vegetables

Friday, 20 April

Chef's Norwegian salmon tartare,
has a green salad & french fries

Practical information

Place du Temple 5 1227 Carouge
Route de Florissant 61 1206 Geneva
Blvd Georges Favon 6 1204 Geneva
Grand Rue 43 1180 Rolle
Rue du tunnel 15-17
1227 Carouge

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