A family business, 50 years of experience!

High-quality bakery products

We offer a variety of breads, sweet pastries and other cereal-based delicacies

Artisan pastry products

True artisans at heart, we put all our passion and expertise into exciting your taste buds and create a wide variety of desserts, cakes and macaroons

Gourmet workshops

Fascinated by the world of bakery and pastries? Looking for an idea for an original gift? Is love of food is your favourite vice? Participate in one of our production workshops (for children, adults and businesses)

Our products

Handcrafted workmanship based on the best products in keeping with tradition

Bakery and pastry goods  

Wolfisberg - Bread - Geneva and RolleWolfisberg - Croissants - Geneva and Rolle

Made from top-quality regional products, our breads and other pastries will excite the taste buds of both young and old.

Pastries, confectionary and ice cream 

Ice cream - Pastries - Geneva and RolleWolfisberg - Pastries - Geneva and Rolle

Our team of pastry cooks work tirelessly to provide you with delicious original desserts for celebrating a special event or for simply enjoying a tender moment.

Tea-room and restaurant

Fruit salad - Wolfisberg - GenevaFruit salad - Wolfisberg - Geneva

From mixed seasonal salad to homemade hamburgers and snacks, we offer a variety of fast food to enjoy on the premises or as takeaway.

Practical information

Place du Temple 5 1227 Carouge
Route de Florissant 61 1206 Geneva
Blvd Georges Favon6 1204 Geneva
Grand Rue 43 1180 Rolle
Rue du tunnel 15-17
1227 Carouge

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