"The pleasure of authentic flavors"

The pleasure of authentic flavors

The Wolfisberg bakery: A family tradition for more than 50 years (Carouge, Geneva and Rolle)

A family business, 50 years of experience!

High-quality bakery products

High-quality bakery products
We offer a variety of breads, sweet pastries and other cereal-based delicacies

Artisan pastry products

True artisans at heart, we put all our passion and expertise into exciting your taste buds and create a wide variety of desserts, cakes and macaroons

In Rolle

Confiserie Pâtisserie Boccard in Rolle for more than 50 years


Entrance - Confiserie Boccar - RolleLocated between Grande Rue de Rolle and the shores of Lake Geneva, Confiserie Boccard is an establishment for food lovers! It boasts a 45-seat tea-room and a 40-seat terrace overlooking the lake...

La Confiserie Boccard was bought out by boulangerie-pâtisserie Wolfisberg in June 2014, but the traditions and Boccard products such as the Bouchon Vaudois (cap-shaped cookies stuffed with praline paste), the Lake Geneva trout, the Images de Rolle, etc. continue to be offered, to the great delight of loyal customers.

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Grand Rue 43
1180 Rolle
Tel. : +41 21 825 14 72
Fax : +41 21 826 00 90

Hours of opening

We are open Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 6.30pm (closed on Mondays and Christmas Day).

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Confiserie - Boccard - RolleThe sweet shop (confiserie) was founded by Bernard and Cécile Boccard and initially opened on 1st November 1965. It quickly established its reputation by word of mouth, and its fame practically caused a riot, such as when the establishment almost closed due to the end of the lease.

Fortunately, the sweet shop moved forward until the daughter of Cécile and her second husband succeeded them and took up the torch in 1998.

As already mentioned, Confiserie Boccard was bought out by boulangerie-pâtisserie Wolfisberg in June 2014, but the traditions and Boccard products have been retained out of the utmost respect and are sold alongside the new Wolfisberg products. Two old establishments, whose authenticity and vision are identical and beautifully complement each other.

Practical information

Place du Temple 5 1227 Carouge
Route de Florissant 61 1206 Geneva
Blvd Georges Favon 6 1204 Geneva
Grand Rue 43 1180 Rolle
Rue du tunnel 15-17
1227 Carouge

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