"The pleasure of authentic flavors"

The pleasure of authentic flavors

The Wolfisberg bakery: A family tradition for more than 50 years (Carouge, Geneva and Rolle)

A family business, 50 years of experience!

High-quality bakery products

High-quality bakery products
We offer a variety of breads, sweet pastries and other cereal-based delicacies

Artisan pastry products

True artisans at heart, we put all our passion and expertise into exciting your taste buds and create a wide variety of desserts, cakes and macaroons

Practical information

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Boulangerie Pâtisserie Wolfisberg (Vieux Carouge)

Place du Temple 5
1227 Carouge
Tel: 22 342 32 19
Fax: 22 300 27 04

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How to find us

Our workshops take place in our laboratory located in the district of Carouge, on the 2nd floor of a building located behind Carouge theatre at the bottom of Rue du Tunnel.

Opening hours

We are open 7 days / 7 except the 25th of December and 1st of January


Mon-Sun: 06:30-19:00


  • Public car park Zones bleues et blanches

  • Public car park Sardaigne et Octroie

  • Bus Lignes 11, 18, 21, 22, 41, 42, 44, 45 - Arrêt Marché

  • Tram Lignes 12 et 18 - Arrêt Marché

Practical information

Place du Temple 5 1227 Carouge
Route de Florissant 61 1206 Geneva
Blvd Georges Favon 6 1204 Geneva
Grand Rue 43 1180 Rolle
Rue du tunnel 15-17
1227 Carouge

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